JCBES holds Orientation for Literacy and Numeracy Projects

Reading and Numeracy Coordinators held an orientation for parents to give them all the information they needed about how the proposed projects would help their children develop.

Ma’am Maribel T. Alatan, a Master Teacher and Numeracy Coordinator, talked about the planned activities to improve the numeracy skills of the identified non-numerate learners in grades 1 through 6 and to teach the basic skills of mathematics to help learners build the foundation for mathematics.

On the other hand, Katrina F. Pegollo, English Key Teacher, discussed the list of activities and the process of monitoring learners’ progress to equip them with skills in recognizing letters and blending sounds to read phrases and sentences.

With the help and support of our community, parents, and teachers, Project ARAL and FUN will assist all BIDABest students in becoming numerate and literate.

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