JCBES prepares for Numeracy and Literacy  Intervention Projects

Reading and Numeracy Coordinators conducted meetings with teachers to provide necessary arrangements for carrying out the activities of the proposed projects.

Project SiNuLiD- Approaches to Reading Ability of Learners (ARAL) will equip learners with skills in recognizing alphabets in random orders, blending phonemes, recognizing CVC and CVCC patterns, and recognizing words in phrases and sentences using Marungko Approach and GenTri SiNuLid and contextualized English Reading materials. 

Ma’am Mavie Telesforo, who is in charge of Filipino reading, and Ma’am Katrina F. Pegollo, who is in charge of English reading, led a meeting where a list of planned activities and things to do was shown. 

Project Fundamental Understanding of Numeracy (FUN) will  improve the numeracy skills of the identified non-numerate learners from grades 1 through 6 and instill the basic skill of mathematics to help learners build the foundation of mathematics.

Ma’am Maribel T. Alatan, Master Teacher and Numeracy Coordinator, outlined the duties that math teachers must complete in order to develop desired learning materials.

JCBES is striving to come up with interventions that will help all BIDABest students become numerate and literate.

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