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Historical Development of Pasong Kawayan I Elementary School

Based on the information gathered from reliable sources, the school in Barangay Pasong Kawayan I was established in 1969. Only grades one and two were offered. Classes were held in a two-room building. Gonzales Type Building was constructed through the aid of the barangay residents. There was only one teacher under the supervision of Mr. Leoncio Lumagui who was then the Head Teacher of Pasong Kawayan II Elementary School.

As the number of pupils increased, the number of teachers increased too. The pupils were in need of more classrooms to accommodate them, so in 1971, a former resident of the barrio, who was touched by the folks of the place, pleaded for a parcel of land. Mr. Juliano Brosas volunteered to donate 2,000 sq. meters of his big estate where a three-room Marcos-type Building was constructed under the initiative of Ms. Zosima Saclolo, the teacher-in-charge of the school.

Years passed, and there was a new set of teachers and teacher-in-charge. Some of them were Ms. Leonila Columna, Mrs. Leonor T. Parin, Mr. Reynaldo Rodil and Ms. Gertudes A. Garcia, Ms. Garcia became the head of the school in 1977 and became the Principal in 1983. Through her leadership and initiative, she was able to put – up a concrete fence, a canteen, and a teacher’s toilet with the Local School Board and donations sought from the town mates. Upon her retirement in 1998, Mrs. Estrelita S. Burdeos became the teacher-in-charge until the time Mrs. Laura O. Garcia became the new Principal of the School. Buildings were added and physical facilities were improved. She was the principal of the school from 2000 to March 2006. In April 2006, Ms. Noribel R. Ambata was assigned as the new principal of Pasong Kawayan I Elementary School. The school has a total enrolment of 682 pupils, twelve teachers, a pre-elementary class of sixty–two (62) pupils, PTA funded. Mr. Bienvenido C. Ferrer Jr. was assigned as the new principal of Pasong Kawayan I Elementary School. Two-storey buildings were added in his initiative. The school has a total enrolment of 638 pupils. Seventeen (17) Teachers, a pre-elementary class of 65 pupils, funded by the National Government. He served as Principal from 2010-2015. During his term, the name Pasong Kawayan I was changed to Juliano C Brosas Elementary School. Then in 2015 Mrs. Jesusita Medina was assigned as the new principal. Four-storey building were added and physical facilities were improved when Mrs. Medina retired from the service last December 25, 2018.  When Mrs. Medina resigned as a principal, Ma’am Emilia S. Hernandez was appointed Teacher in charge from January 2019 to July 15 2019. And during her appointed time, she had accomplished the cooking area for feeding.

At present, Mr. Mark Airon P. Creus is the new principal of Juliano C Brosas since 2019. There are forty-seven (47) teaching and non-teaching personnel, 6 male  and  41 female, as well as two thousand thirty six (2036) pupils from kindergarten to grade six, 1033 male and 1003 female.

Juliano C Brosas Elementary School continues to give quality education services to all its JCBES learners aiming to become one of the performing schools in the Division of General Trias I through the different Programs, Projects, and Activities (PPAs) being implemented for the benefit of the pupils, teachers and all stakeholders of the school. They always carry the mantra of the school, to become the Bida and the Best of JCBES.

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