JCBES keeps promoting global education thru PLANETS

JCBES and the Korean partner school, the elementary school affiliated with the Seoul National University of Education, continued exchanging global citizenship education by giving diverse activities based on the proposed educational plan thru Promote Linking Alumni on NETS (Network of Teachers and Students).

JCBES teachers and Filipino students facilitated the second real-time session in which Korean students were taught a Filipino folk song called Bahay Kubo. Teacher Katrina taught them how to pronounce the words correctly, and JCBES students demonstrated how to sing the Bahay Kubo song for the Koreans to perform.

On the other hand, Sir Eunsong Gong provided information about Chuseok, one of the biggest holidays in Korea. They demonstrated the art of folding paper known as Origami to create Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea.

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