JCBES huddles to discuss upcoming activities

Principal Dr. Mark Airon P. Creus, along with the master teachers and grade chairpersons, discussed the meeting agenda in preparation for the upcoming full implementation of 5-day in-person classes and other activities to provide BidaBest students with high-quality learning opportunities.

Dr. Creus monitored the health of both students and teachers and ensured that classroom health and safety rules were strictly adhered to.

The English, Filipino, and Math Key Teachers provided updates on the Enrichment Programs in order to plan necessary actions and develop tools to enhance the literacy and numeracy skills of non-readers and non-numerates.

On the other hand, PLANETS teachers planned the upcoming activities for the last real-time session with Korean students on October 24.

Furthermore, Dr. Creus assigned a new technical team to upload and create videos for the school’s Facebook page and JCBES website.

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