JCBES convenes a first general assembly

Juliano C. Brosas Elementary School, led by Ma’am Rosalie P. Lujero, Principal I, held the inaugural general assembly meeting for the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff with the purpose of getting to know the instructors and guaranteeing a harmonious relationship in school, February 8, 2023.

Ma’am Rosalie proceeded over the agenda, emphasizing her expectations for instructors, students, and the school. She also discussed the various policies and forthcoming initiatives.

“Bidabest students should be taught to be courteous, especially to elders, by greeting all teachers and other elderly people both within and outside the school, and by using po and opo.”, Ma’am Lujero explained.

Likewise, learners must be reminded to maintain personal hygiene by learning how to use restrooms properly.

Ma’am Rosalie ended the assembly by recognizing the teachers for their commitment and dedication to the school and to Bidabest learners.






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